“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

25 years in advertising have taught me a few things about narrative, design, colour and composition. Client briefs and the need to deliver successful outcomes to tight deadlines provided me with a reassuring framework within which to be creative. More recently, photography has enabled me to explore my creative inner voice without these constraints, and while this is liberating and exciting, it is also the most challenging thing I have ever done!
Photography is as much about the experience of taking pictures as it is about the resulting photograph itself. The simple act of always carrying a camera forces me to pay attention, to be in the moment. 
If I had to explain my approach, I would say it occupies a curious space at the nexus of surrealism and anthropology. It's simultaneously optimistic, nostalgic, dystopian, ironic, reflective and documentary.  
I shoot Leica M System with a selection of Leica lenses ranging from 21mm to 90mm. I feel that this gives me a benchmark to work from and ensures that I concentrate on content, not on photographic technique or technology. I feel that the moment the viewer starts to notice technique they switch off from the narrative of the image. 
All of my images are shot at full resolution (5976 × 3984) in both DNG and JPEG format allowing for maximum quality and flexibility in printing and post processing. 
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